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John Wick Fortnite HD Wallpaper 2019

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We have prepared an amazing John Wick Fortnite HD Wallpaper extension for you! Users of this theme extension will enjoy a vast selection of wallpapers for their browsers. The John WIck Fortnite HD Wallpaper has photos in the highest quality. Your Chrome browser will automatically shuffle and cycle the high definition wallpapers which are fit perfectly for your browser’s new tab page. The wallpapers will surprise you every time you open the new tab page. Alongside the wallpapers, you will get unique features that make your browsing experience easier. Those features include the weather widget, the clock widget, a search bar widget and others. If you like this extension share it with your friends!

About the John Wick skin

The Legendary John Wick Skin is part of a promotion for the John Wick 3: Parabellum 2019 movie. It is basically the second John Wick skin in fortnite, with the first one being The Reaper skin. Nevertheless, the first skin was mostly referred to as the John Wick skin anyway. Fans that might be slightly disappointed with the first skin, now can obtain the official John Wick skin that has the same name, and looks exactly like the actor Keanu Reeves who plays John Wick.

The legendary skin can be purchased in the Item Shop for 2000 V-Bucks. Besides that, if you do not want to spend the V-Bucks on the skin, you can earn some cosmetics from the LTM. Also, John Wick’s house has also been added onto the map, so do check it out if you are a fan of John Wick.

John Wick Fortnite HD Wallpaper

More on the original Reaper skin

The original “John Wick” skin is the tier 100 skin from the third Season Battle Pass, called The Reaper. Because of its strong resemblance of John Wick, people showed a lot of appreciation and love towards it. Also, putting Love Wings on this skin turns it into Constantine, which is yet another role that is played by the actor Keanu Reeves. The initial The Reaper skin features cartoonish features, and fits more neatly into the game’s bright colored world.

What sets the two skins apart the most is the fact that the Reaper could only be earned and obtained in Season 3 from the Battle Pass. Unlike the Reaper, the John Wick skin can just be bought for money. Also, it features a second style that presents Keanu Reeves as worn down from the gunfights. Despite the differences, and the Reaper skin feeling like a knock off version of John Wick, many players actually take pride in owning the original skin.

You can find more about the game and its skins on this wiki site.

John Wick Fortnite HD Wallpaper

About Fortnite Season 9

Recently, the ninth season of the popular game arrived. Epic Games developers put a lot of fascinating narrative and other elements and tidbits that would spark some theorist fires and help unleash new events. The new season’s main theme will be filled with futuristic and sci-fi elements.

Players can expect the usual 100 levels for the brand new season 9 battle pass through which players will earn different rewards by leveling through it. For 950 V-Bucks, players can purchase the battle pass. Also, it features two new progressive skins, Rox and Sentinel. You can unlock the second style of Sentinel at the Tier 99 Battle Pass.

John Wick Fortnite HD Wallpaper

Map changes

Changes in the map include the near total destruction of Tilted Towers and Retail Row, which has been transformed into Neo Tilted and Mega Mall. They are on the same spot on the map as the previous ones, but they’re packed with airvents and bounce pads now. A volcano eruption destroyed the old Tilted Towers and decimated it by lava. During this time, a smog filled blackness covered the whole world, and there were molten rocks in all directions raining down on the world.

More info on Fortnite Season 9 on this Gamesradar site.

About John Wick Fortnite HD Wallpaper extension

This is our major update labeled 3.0. We have put great effort to make this update, with user experience on mind.

This extension is fast, secure and it will improve your browsing experience. There are no restrictions for ages,  our extensions are available for all, for FREE.

Check our site for even more extensions and themes or check Chrome Web Store and search for Supertab Themes labeled extensions.

John Wick Fortnite HD Wallpaper like all our other extensions is flexible and modular. There are tabs and modules that you can easily configure, show or hide within one simple Settings panel.

Now, we have added Must-Have Related Themes, so you can find new and popular themes without leaving your tab!

So, what features do you get?

Wallpapers and settings

John Wick Fortnite HD Wallpaper is packed with high quality HD wallpapers, art and drawings from various places and authors, some are very popular.

Background module is simple to use and intuitive: Click on “Star” on top of wallpaper thumbnail to make it Favorite. Pick few of them if you want.

Productivity tabs ***NEW***

To help you stay productive, we have added tabs in upper left part of screen.

  • Most visited : simple and easy list of your most visited sites, for easy navigations
  • Apps : quick and easy way to access popular productivity tools and sites
  • Share : Share some social love on popular sites

All of these tabs can be show or hidden from Settings panel.

To-Do organizer

Stay up-to-date with all of your important things, set alarm and organize list. Also, you can turn this panel off in the Settings panel.

Notes ***NEW***

One of our new features is Notes app. It is fast, simple and very convenient for you to make quick reminders, directly on browser window. It is movable – simply click and drag on any part of screen. When you are done, you can delete them. You can hide or show Notes from Settings panel.

Settings panel and Support tab

Settings panel is now simple, easy to use and powerful with new options.

From there, you can control look of your browser tab – hide all apps or pick one you choose.

Below Settings and also in bottom right part of screen there is Support links for FAQ, New updates, Feedback page or Uninstall extensions.

You can always drop us a line on our Contact page, if you have any wishes or you would like to see some new extension or wallpaper.

We also encourage you to Rate our extension and leave us a Five-star rating on Chrome web store. To do so, click on Rate link on top left.

Removing John Wick Fortnite HD Wallpaper extension

To remove extension from your browser, follow this steps:

  • Click on the Chrome Setting menu (three dots) on right upper part of the screen.
  • In the opened menu, click on Settings
  • In the newly opened page, click on “Extensions”
  • Find the extension you want to remove and click on the Trashcan icon.
  • You have removed your extension!

You can also Right-click on the John Wick Fortnite HD Wallpaper icon on the toolbar and click on “Remove from Chrome…”

Another way is to click on Support tab in right bottom and select “Uninstall”.


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