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Tom and Jerry 4K Wallpaper

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With this Tom and Jerry 4K Wallpaper extension fans will enjoy a huge selection of the wallpapers for their browsers. All of the wallpapers are in high definition and will fit perfectly to your Chrome browser and give it a fresh new look. The wallpapers cycle randomly. They will surprise you each time you open a new tab page. Along with the wallpapers you get unique features that enhance your internet browsing experience. Those features include the clock widget, a weather widget, and a brand new search widget. Share your gratitude by sending this to your friends as well!

Tom and Jerry 4K Wallpaper

An introduction to Tom and Jerry 4K Wallpaper extension

Our Tom and Jerry 4K Wallpaper extension is based on Tom and Jerry, which are cartoon characters from the films and shows of the same name. Jerry is a brown mouse that Tom, the blue cat, often chases. Both of them can walk on their two legs. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera are the creators of the American animated comedy series that began in 1940. The show revolves around the rivalry between the two title characters.

When the show originally ran it had 114 produced shorts for Metro Goldwyn Mayer from 1940 to 1958. During this period, the production won seven Academy awards for Animated Short Film, but tied for first place with Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies. After the closing of Metro Goldwyn Mayer studios in 1957, they revived the series with Gene Deitch directing 13 more Tom and Jerry shorts for Rembrandt Films in 1961. Tom and Jerry then overtook Looney Tunes as the highest grossing animated short film series.

You can find more information on Tom and Jerry on this Wikipedia site here.

Tom and Jerry 4K Wallpaper

More on Tom and Jerry spin offs

Chuck Jones later produced another 34 shorts between 1963 and 1967 together with Sib Tower 12 Productions. Much later, three more shorts were produced, including The Mansion Cat in 2001, The Karate Guard from 2005, and A Fundraising Adventure in 2014. Therefore, these make up the total of 164 shorts. Apart from the shorts, a big number of spin offs appeared as well.

These spin offs include the television series The Tom and Jerry Show from 1975, The Tom and Jerry Comedy Show in 1980, Tom and Jerry Kids from 1990 to 1993, Tom and Jerry Tales in 2006 to 2008, and ultimately The Tom and Jerry Show from 2014 to the present. Also, the first feature length film that is based on the series was released in 1992.

Tom and Jerry 4K Wallpaper

About Tom and Jerry

The Tom and Jerry series feature comic fights of the iconic character adversaries, a mouse and a house cat. The plots of all of the shorts usually revolve around Tom’s desperate attempts to capture the mouse Jerry, and the chaos that his attempts follow. Despite his attempts, he rarely succeeds in his quest, mostly because of Jerry’s cleverness and cunning abilities to escape. Nevertheless, the two have on many occasions displayed genuine friendship and care for each other’s well being. At other times, the pair puts aside their rivalries to reach a common goal. Also, despite their “hate” for one another, they have on multiple occasions saved each other’s lives when they were in heavy danger.

Tom and Jerry 4K Wallpaper

Interesting facts about Tom and Jerry

  • The series’ creators also created other beloved shows, including Yogi Bear, Top Cat, Scooby-Doo, The Smurfs, The Flintstones, and many more.
  • The original names for the pair were Jasper and Jinx. This was later changed to have them be named after a popular Christmas drink at the time, Tom and Jerry.
  • Metro Goldwyn Mayer almost discontinued the series after the pilot episode, because they believed that the concept of their shorts was too common in cartoons at the time.
  • Tom’s owner, Mommy Two Shoes, had her face shown only once in the entire series in the episode “Saturday Evening Puss”.
  • Tom only walked on all four legs in the first episode.
  • The show won seven Oscars and was nominated for 6 more.
  • Today, Tom and Jerry would be 79 years old, since the show started in 1940.

About extension

This is our major update labeled 3.0. We have put great effort to make this update, with user experience on mind.

This extension is fast, secure and it will improve your browsing experience. There are no restrictions for ages,  our extensions are available for all, for FREE.

Check our site for more extensions and themes. You can check Chrome Web Store and search for Supertab Themes labeled extensions.

Tom and Jerry 4K Wallpaper like all our other extensions is flexible and modular. There are tabs and modules that you can easily configure, show or hide within one simple Settings panel.

We have added Must-Have Related Themes, therefore you can find new and popular themes without leaving your tab!

What features do you get?

Wallpapers and settings

Tom and Jerry 4K Wallpaper is packed with high quality HD wallpapers, art and drawings from various places and authors, some are very popular.

Background module is simple to use and intuitive: Click on “Star” on top of wallpaper thumbnail to make it Favorite. Pick few of them if you want.

Choose how to shuffle wallpapers: –

  • Shuffle all images
  • Shuffle ONLY favorite images
  • Make it random on every new tab

And that’s not all! Pick transitions between changes or pick time to change wallpaper automatically!

Productivity tabs ***NEW***

To help you stay productive, we have added tabs in upper left part of screen.

  • Most visited : simple and easy list of your most visited sites, for easy navigations
  • Apps : quick and easy way to access popular productivity tools and sites
  • Share : Share some social love on popular sites

All of these tabs can be show or hidden from Settings panel.

To-Do organizer

Stay up-to-date with all of your important things, set alarm and organize list. Also, this panel can be turned on or off from Settings panel.

Notes ***NEW***

One of our new features is Notes app. It is fast, simple and very convenient for you to make quick reminders, directly on browser window. It is movable – simply click and drag on any part of screen. When you are done, you can delete them. You can hide or show Notes from Settings panel.

Settings panel and Support tab

Settings panel is now simple, easy to use and powerful with new options.

From there, you can control look of your browser tab – hide all apps or pick one you choose.

You can choose animations, slideshow, or set countdown for any topic you want.

Bellow Settings and also in bottom right part of screen there is Support links for FAQ, New updates, Feedback page or Uninstall extensions.

You can always drop us a line on our Contact page, if you have any wishes or you would like to see some new extension or wallpaper.

We also encourage you to Rate our extension and leave us a Five-star rating on Chrome web store. To do so, click on Rate link on top left.

Removing extension

To remove extension from your browser, follow this steps:

  • Click on Chrome Setting menu (three dots) on right upper part of screen.
  • In opened menu, click on Settings
  • In newly opened page, click “Extensions”
  • Find extension you want to remove and click on Trashcan icon
  • Extension is removed.

You can Right-click on the Tom and Jerry 4K Wallpaper icon on the toolbar and click on “Remove from Chrome…”

You can click on the Support tab in right bottom and select “Uninstall” too.


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